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Dr. Ayhan Dogan – Specialist in Joint and Back Pain

Orthopedic problems can be very complex and require sensitive and intensive medical care and human touch. A personal and holistic treatment of our patients is important to us. Our tailored therapy will make you feel looked after on all aspects of your wellbeing.

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For the treatment of chronic pain, acute and degenerative clinical diagnosis, joint problems, congenital functional disorders and accidental injuries, we offer the following orthopedic services in our private orthopedic practice in Berlin-Kreuzberg.

Foot orthopedics

Misaligned feet are one of the most common conditions orthopedists treat. After a comprehensive diagnosis of the foot problems, we give priority to conservative treatment methods, since an operation should only be the last option.

Pain management

Modern medicine has different healing methods to effectively combat chronic pain. We would be happy to introduce your options to you and discuss promising approaches and methods with you.

Manual medicine

Manual medicine or chiropractic therapy is mainly suitable for patients who suffer from back pain or joint pain. Muscle tension is released and joints freed again by a range of specific adjustments and manipulations.

Shock wave therapy

We offer focused and radial shock wave therapy to aid tendon and joint pain. Shock waves are a gentle treatment method that’s highly effective for the majority of our patients. One treatment session only takes a few minutes.

Hyaluronic acid injections

Hyaluronic acid injections are particularly suitable as part of orthopedic treatment for patients suffering from joint pain and osteoarthritis. The hyaluronic acid acts, so to speak, as a lubricant for joint movements.

Infiltration treatment

As part of pain therapy, a drug can be injected via infiltration directly into the patient’s pain or inflammation site. That way, the acute symptoms can be treated effectively at its source.


As part of pain management and therapy, we perform acupuncture in our practice. Acupuncture is a component of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) and its effectiveness has been proven and recognized by numerous scientific studies.

Kinesiology tape

Kinesiology tape is made from highly flexible materials. When applied correctly, injured muscles or joints remain mobile, which leads to faster healing compared to immobilization of the injured area.

Orthopedic diagnosis

In our practice, we use state of the art diagnostic methods and combine them with our extensive experience. Sonography and X-ray examinations enable us to get a deeper understanding of our patients’ symptoms and what treatments are best suited.

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